Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I miss about the Fall

So what I've been told about the San Francisco weather is that we don't have much of a fall.
I about cried when I heard this.
Because FALL is my favorite season of them all.
The crisp air, football games, beautiful leaves and colors, deep earthy tones.
So, since it has just barely decided to be warm here in the city {people call it 'indian summer'} I decided to reminisce on my own private Idaho and the wonderful fall weather. 
Here are some pictures I took last year around this same time....
ahhhhh i love it.

University of Idaho campus in the fall

All I know is I better see at least one leaf change over here at some point or I'm going to freak out.
On a happier note...we are just barely getting summer weather so its almost like I get to have 2 summers
{not too shabby if you ask me}


  1. and best of all he loved the fall. . .

  2. those colors are gorgeous! I'm so jealous that you've actually had a true Fall! the boyfriend and I are running away from San Diego to check out the Fall in DC in about three weeks. I am hoping for some legit color and weather changes.

  3. Wow, it looks like Fall is such a gorgeous time in Idaho! We do get a little Fall here, but not like that! That bonfire looks like so much fun and I love the second to the last pic! You are so talented!!

  4. i defintely miss the changing leaves from the south. don't worry we have fall. just not the changing leaves and not in the normal fall month. october will be the nicest warmest and november will be more like fall


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