Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ending of Fashion Week

To end our fashion week we went to the SF Fashion Bash put on by SassyCityChicks. This was a huge sample sale where we got a swag bag, free make overs, drinks, and hair do's. We decided to get our hair done cause why not...right?
Overall the event was kind of lame, but getting our hair done was fun--even tho none of us really enjoyed our looks...mine was insane.
Oh and of course right outside the opening doors was a food truck party filled with food trucks from all different countries-- Peruvian to Thai to African to cupcakes. YUM
We decided on the Peruvian Sanguchon Food Truck. I got the Pan con Chicharron. Definitely not my favorite dish, but this food truck party happens every Friday so many choices to choose from!

One of the definite highlights of the night was our Peddicab ride from the Embarcadero to the Marina. Poor guy had to climb a huge hill with us in the back!

my crazzzy hair...


  1. I like your hair! It looks like you are getting good use out of your Longchamps! Wow you are doing a lot. Fun fun fun in the city!

  2. ha...i have ALWAYS wanted to take a pedicab but i think i'd feel so guilty at making someone haul me around. ;) that is so fun that you guys did it, i'll have to try!

  3. your hair isn't crazy it is gorgeous!! i don't see what you are talking about girl

  4. I do NOT understand how those pedicabs do it in the City!!! Those hills are no joke.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome to the city! It looks like you are really enjoying it! I did the Sassy Chicks event too (it was definitely lackluster - I thought that it would have more vendors there). I also had something from the peruvian truck was SO DELICIOUS!

  6. one of my friends is from the bay area let me ask her if you will get to experience the loveliness that is fall i would hate for you to miss out on the changing colors in the leaves but at least you get to live in a super city with lots to do!


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