Friday, September 30, 2011

SUPing-its totally cool yo

SUPing- also know as 'stand up paddle boarding'
learned that new lingo the other weekend when we went SUPing with some friends in Sausalito.
It was probably the most perfect day for it too!
I have done it before, but never in the bay and I LOVED it!
The best part was paddling around by the houseboats...they even had little streets made of water to paddle down.

I wish I got pictures of us actually SUPing, but instead I got some pretty pictures of the water and HUGE yacht that will be mine some day.. of course.

 I didn't remember there even being palm trees in Nor. Cal. But, there definitely are!


  1. Sounds so fun Kate. I LOVE your blog. Auntie Jen

  2. Katie

    How fun to paddle through streets of water! I did not know SF has many houseboats! thanks for sharing!

  3. fun! i've done it a lot but not in the bay! on my bucketlist!

  4. Ahh this sounds like so much fun! I want to go 'suping' and use the cool lingo ;) Let's go soon!! xo

  5. SO fun :) I've been meaning to try paddle boarding since May.. must do it soon


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