Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Year: 49ers & SF Giants

I thought this post would be appropriate right now because the NINERS just won last nights game against Green Bay! One step closer to the Super Bowl! Last year we made it this far but lost in the second round so I'm hoping this is our year! It is so much fun being in a city (or state) that has a pro team and especially when they win!

So...I'm a little off on my timing of posts, but since living here I've become a big baseball fan. So having the Giants win the World Series was like nothing I've ever experienced! All of the streets in the city were flooded with people and everyone magically appeared with brooms in their hands (cause we swept the series). Champagne bottles were also spraying and popping all over the place! I've never experienced anything like awesome.


Then....I went to my first NFL game at Candlestick park with my girlfriends! The game ended up being a tie 24-24 but there isn't anything like being inside of an NFL stadium!

 I hope the 49ers make it all the way this year!!! #NINERSNATION

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Halloween party

I'm finally catching up on some blogging! I thought I couldn't blog anymore because my blogger account said I had too many pictures and had to pay for it. Luckily, I tried to do this post and it worked great!

This Halloween my roomies and I decided to throw a Halloween/house warming party since we never had a house warming after we moved in. It ended up being a rager, but it really was so much fun. My co-worker DJed all night and everyone danced and partied on the roof deck since it was such amazing weather. Since Halloween is so intense at the bars in the city (a lot like New Years Eve) it was fun to be able to stick in one spot with all of my friends. Also, in case you can't tell-- I'm a rock for Halloween----Rock, Paper, Scissors. :)