Friday, July 29, 2011


Versaille. Home of Marie Antoinette.

This place is INCREDIBLE, extravagant, and totally breathtaking. Just the gardens alone are about 100 miles long....(not really) but check out how far these gardens stretch...and yes they reach past that 20 mile pool (not really 20 miles). 
But, this side trip was freakin' fun. I totally recommend Versaille as a side trip if you go to Paris.
These last 2 photos are of Marie Antoinette's getaway as if her palace wasn't big enough.

Next stop....Colmar in the Alsace region

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally PARIS..

Finally I decide to post about my trip! But, I have to do it in tidbits because of all the pics I took and places we went. So I am starting with our 5 days in Paris..which by the way was MARVELOUS.

C'etait genial!

Oh. and I must say that I totally came back from France having learned how to say Comment tu t'appelles? (what is your name) & Quel ├óge as-tu? (how old are you) & then of course I would answer saying "vingt deux ans" (which of course means 22 years old).
I felt so cool...haha

Not really though because my sister would go up to people and speak perfect French and then as soon as I would open my mouth they would immediately switch to English. So much for trying to act cool..

Ok and I also wanted to mention that I learned to eat. AND eat I did. For days. All kinds of things from crepes, cheese, cantaloupe w/ proscutto, baguettes, cheese, cheese, and more cheese--they call cheese fromage--doesn't that just sound better?
And then we ate foie gras (duck liver), frogs legs, and escargot. What an adventurous family we were!
But, it is safe to say I came back 20lbs thicker.

So 5 days in Paris we managed to see the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur (first picture), Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Louvre. We did a boat tour on the Seine with my sister's host family's, a few huge 8 course dinners with them, music festival, awesome food (again more eating), Monmartre area, & of course picnicking in Paris's amazing gardens.

It was a wonderful trip and we stayed in the perfect location.

Next stop...side trip to Versaille!