Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Cruz


I've really been trying to branch out of SF lately, hence all of my trips to foreign lands (or other cities in the US), but I've really wanted to venture around California since there are so many great places to go within the state! I decided to get together with a few friends and go on a day trip to Santa Cruz. We have a friend who grew up there and showed us all around. The boardwalk and the surf spots along the coast were the best parts. I also could not believe my eyes while driving down Highway 1 to get there. I was amazed that I lived so close to so much ocean! (ha!) I can't wait to go back to Santa Cruz for a surfing trip this time! Something on my bucket list that I really want to do!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Nothing is better than homecoming back in my old college town. I was literally there for 10 hours, but I got to see so many people that the short trip was super worth it. It was great to see my sister and cousin and all of my friends that came back for the weekend and especially the leaves!!! Weird i know... but....I love Autumn and I especially love it in Idaho!

Ocean Beach

Us girls had a hard, long day at work one we decided to adventure out to Ocean Beach. We ate at the Park Chalet and enjoyed the wonderful 80 degree weather we were having in the city. The sun just happened to be setting as we were leaving dinner so we took a nice walk along the beach. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Sometimes its hard to imagine I live by all of this beauty! We're thinking we need to do a bon-fire on the beach when the weather starts heating up too!