Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just went to my first Oakland A's game last weekend...and it was sad--fun, but sad. The A's won, but no one and I mean no one was there to notice. They played the Detroit Tigers and there were definitely more Tigers there than A's. But, who can blame them when their name is the Oakland Athletics (A's)--kinda lame name if you ask me.
But, the coolest part of the Oakland A's is that Brad Pitt is coming out with a new movie called Moneyball. It's apparently about how the Oakland A's changed the world of baseball. I also found out that yesterday Brad Pitt and Angelina were in Oakland at the stadium for the premier! I'm so close yet so far away!

The other hi-light of the game, besides Oakland winning, was the fact that we got FREE hotdogs (normally $7, so this is the coolest thing ever) and I got GARLIC FRIES...if any of you saw my Giants post you know how much I love these. :)



  1. WOW Katie you are really becoming the sporting fan! Cool! You are lucky to be able to see professional games and way to find a free hot dog in SF!

  2. I don't really follow any sports but those garlic fries sound yummy ... and I'm a big food fan :)
    PS Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog xo

  3. i've been to an Oakland game... and I agree... they dont have much of a fanbase. I'm not sure what it is... so sad. but the food... amazing! :]

  4. It has got be disheartening as a team to win a game and not have anyone there :( But at least you were there! Did they have the kiss cam? (AKA our favorite part of the game!) And mmm Brad Pitt! Sad we missed him!


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