Saturday, April 28, 2012

When friends visit...

Sometimes nothing is better than having friends come visit for a long weekend. I'm pretty sure I was non stop laughing the entire time.

Here we are at one of my favorite brunch spots in North Beach, Delluva.

We had bottomless mimosas.....

                                                                It was pretty fun....

Then we hiked up the hill to Coit Tower.

the next day we had a little more brunch cause thats what we do..

and we hiked up to Lombard St.

and then we hiked back down to Buena Vista for an Irish coffee.

and of course stopped at the water

struck the DG pose :)

became tourists in Fisherman's Wharf

became locals at Pier 23...

ventured down the Embarcadero

and of course went out on the town!

Such a fun filled weekend! I can't wait for them to come again!


  1. this looks like such a fun weekend! you really hit a ton of fab SF spots!!!

  2. It sounds like you girls had such a fun time together!! I'm impressed with all the things you took them to do too- I still need to hit some of the things on that list! And I love it, haha "brunch is what we do" yes, it certainly is! xoxo


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