Monday, September 12, 2011

Brights come to visit the BAY!

I decided I love when people come to visit me and I get to show them around the city! However, having just moved here, I am a major tourist myself. So, it was a blast when the Bright sisters came and we got to explore the city together!
I got off work early and since I work super duper close to Fisherman's Wharf we hung out around there and decided how we were going to get to all the sites without a bus tour and a car.
Sooo, we walked and climbed hills, and went all around--to new parts of the city I hadn't been.

I had a blast! 


  1. Katie

    That is a great attitude because even though you live there, you can be a tourist for years! There is so much to discover. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Love you,

  2. You take the most gorgeous pictures!! They are seriously frame-able! Can't wait to be tourists together! :)


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