Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mixed Emotions

So, I'm a little bit scared, a lotta bit happy, and pretty much freaked out for the next few months of my life.
I should be totally excited and not have a billion different emotions as I embark on a new road--a new journey in my life. But, my thoughts continue to wonder to "What if I don't find the job I want" "What if I get to where I'm going and I don't meet anyone." 

But, then I get to thinking "Ok, Katie that's silly...you can talk to anyone! You will find your dream job!" 

So, I guess it is safe to say I am having a battle in my brain on what to do in my future.

I don't think I'm used to having this much free time...its FREAKING me out...but in the words from the wise (my mom)
"Don't get mad at yourself for not doing anything...you'll look back on this free time when you are working and wish you weren't thinking you need to be busy all the time."

Isn't that sooo true. So, I have been doing fun things--like

 reading. I haven't read in a bajillion years! except for school...which by the way sucks when you are being forced to read a boring text book that you end up skimming or not reading anyway. Now I have already finished 4 books and am now on the 5th--Eat, Pray, Love (a book I have been meaning to read for about 3 years now) Its great so far, but does anyone agree that the book is way better than the movie...like wayyy better?

hiking. Now I have been craving a hike this entire winter, which just ended by the way. Now that the weather is 'somewhat' sunny and nice I have made it on one hike in Sun Valley, which was right behind our condo and gorgeous by the way!

biking. I've been spinning lately at the gym, but nothing beats a nice bike ride. I took an awesome mountain bike ride this weekend with the family and am feeling the pain now. Wow, my hamstrings have never hurt so good!

getting my hair did. Oh yes I got my hair done all nice and pretty. I went the more natural route and added more brown. I really love it..however, I decided to add a bang in there and I'm not sure if its my thang or not! Woah..change.
    yoga. Going to yoga today with mom today...yipppeee. My favorite is restorative yoga where you get to lay around and "take 5 naps" says mom.
      Shoshone falls. Took a trip down to the falls with the fam. They {the falls} are so "swollen" says dad.

        JOB search. Oh yeah. This has been fun. I've noticed that it all kind of goes in waves. Some weeks I won't hear a thing back and then one week its like WOAH where ya been hiding? :)

        Dreaming of France & seeing my sister. Yes it is true. I have to keep telling myself this. I am going to Francy France for 2 weeks to pick up my sister and travel, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, drink (wine) Hopefully, I don't come back looking like a whale. My mom and my goal is to pack in tiny tiny suitcases so they won't be as much of a hassle while we are there. I will try and document this to see if we really can. :)


          So, this is what my life has been consisting of...Oh and yes I do hang out with friends every so often, in case you were wondering. In FACT we went to Western Days the other weekend and if you haven't ever been to Western Days...woah you are missing out. Mainly on a lot of eye scarring people and outfits, but you are also missing out on mini donuts which is hard to miss out on.




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