Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

I can't wait to go to France tomorrow and above all to see my sister who I have not seen in 1 whole year! Our plan is to go to Paris for 5 days (YES!), visit the Alsace region for 4 days, then to Provence for the rest of the time! We get to meet Em's house-stay parents, see Jean who we said bye to on Monday, and explore explore explore. I am so excited to bring my camera to France. Last time I went I had a little dinky camera and the pics didn't turn out too great...but this time I get to bring my camera baby.

Also, I have managed to pack all of my stuff into one little carry on suitcase and another little bag. I am so so so proud of myself because I am the QUEEN of over packing. So, hopefully this will make for an easier and lighter trip for me!

My books for the trip are going to be Water for Elephants & You Can Heal Your Life. I decided to bring two since its going to be a 12 hour flight!!

I've been brushing up on my French as well. Dad and I are the only ones going who don't know any French. John has been taking classes, Mom majored in French in college, and Emily is of course now fluent. So, I have been listening to Coffee Break French (a free podcast on Itunes) which is fun. That's what the first picture is of.

Here is a picture of John and Jean at the TF airport saying goodbye! He isn't smiling because he is "French and we don't smile in pictures" :)

Be back in 2 weeks!


  1. so excited to travel with you Katie!

  2. I'm so glad you're taking the initiative to learn the language! I've been speaking French for almost ten years--and it definitely changes how they treat you once they hear you try.

    I know you're probably just spelling it phonetically to help with pronunciation, but I'm such a weirdo when it comes to French...and I'm a teacher, so forgive me if I sound like an incessant know it all:
    It's: Parlez vous anglais (do you speak English)
    And it's typically "Je vais bien" instead of "Je suis bien." Saying "I am good" has a completely different meaning in French than it does in English. They actually say "it's going well" (as in "ca va") or "I'm going well." Weird, right?
    Informal "how are you" is "Ca va?" and the typical response is "ca va bien" or "ca va mal" if you're having a horrid time.
    I think "je suis bien" might be more widely accepted and used now--probably an English influence, but proper French (or at least what I was taught) is a little different.
    Yes is "oui" and No is "non."

    Again, I know you're with people who know. Forgive my OCD and impulsive corrections. :)


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