Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa Cruz


I've really been trying to branch out of SF lately, hence all of my trips to foreign lands (or other cities in the US), but I've really wanted to venture around California since there are so many great places to go within the state! I decided to get together with a few friends and go on a day trip to Santa Cruz. We have a friend who grew up there and showed us all around. The boardwalk and the surf spots along the coast were the best parts. I also could not believe my eyes while driving down Highway 1 to get there. I was amazed that I lived so close to so much ocean! (ha!) I can't wait to go back to Santa Cruz for a surfing trip this time! Something on my bucket list that I really want to do!!

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  1. Love these pics and looks like you had a fabulous time in Santa Cruz!! Next up... LA!! ;) xoxo


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