Monday, February 6, 2012

Mas Sake

A few weekends ago for my roomies birthday we all decided to get a little wild and go to Mas Sake for dinner. According to what we had heard from friends, this place gets pretty interesting and turns into a club after dinner. The restaurant was dark with low lighting, but the music was bumping and it had a cool asian fusion vibe. We called ahead for reservations because they only seat people at 2 time slots during the night.

Apparently, they are known for their sake bombs....
I had never personally taken a sake bomb before so it was new to me. But, I enjoyed it! They served the sake bombs with the choice of cold or hot. We opted for the cold option with pear cider...YUM. The food was great too...and it better be cause this place was not cheap! But, definitely fun for a Friday/Saturday night out with the girls!

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