Thursday, October 27, 2011

SF Vintners Market


A tad bit belated post, but I went to the SF Vintners Market a few weekends back and had a blast! We started out with brunch at a friends (mimosas included) and then we walked down to the market that was held at Fort Mason. There were a ton of wonderful wineries there and for $35 bucks we got to go around and taste them all! Im pretty sure I tasted some great wines...I just wish I could tell the difference :) I'm getting there though! I went to Calistoga this weekend so I'll post about that experience soon!

Also, I am in the process of finding an apartment in the city and just might have found the one! The only downside is that its a room share with one other girl--but im so used to living with a ton of people that it seems super fun! I'll keep you posted on that though!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the Vintners Market. Right outside of the market was the food truck event called "Off the Grid." They station there and provide amazing different cuisine options. I tried the 'Grilled Cheese' truck and had the most incredible grilled cheese sandwich everrrrrrr!



  1. Looked like such a fun day! Thanks for stopping by my blog today lovely!

  2. That looks like such a blast!! I'm sad I couldn't go! And omg the grilled cheese truck! I didn't know they had one here! YUM! xoxo

  3. looks like a really fun day with great food & drinks :) Good luck with the apartment hunting/roomshare.

  4. totally JUST saw your comment on my blog from July (i haven't been on here in a long, long time!) - so sorry for the late reply! Looks like you made it out to SF and found a place to live, yah?? How exciting! Are you loving it? xx


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