Friday, August 5, 2011


{our little house}

{the neighbors}

{lavender ice cream..incredible stuff right there}


So we arrived in Provence and immediately went to a little town called Rochegude where we settled in to our little lavender house. SO adorable! All the houses were once again...AMAZING! All of them had colored shudders and colored doors with flowers in their windowsills. I wanna live there so bad!

We took a bunch of road trips around the area and MY main mission was to find blooming lavender fields. Thats literally all I wanted to do. So we searched and searched, drove all around the countryside and finally we came upon magnificent lavender fields and man was I happy! What a beautful sight it is to see an entire field of purple {instead of green} for a change! Wow...totally fell in love with the area. 3 of my favorite places we went in Provence were Gorde & Vaison la Romaine & Sault (great little towns).

Overall the trip was incredible! We stayed for 4 days and then headed back to Paris to catch our flight back to the US of A and of course to our wonderful state of Idaho :)

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  1. You are your mother with a splash of a few aunts for good measure. :)


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