Wednesday, October 17, 2012

San Franiversary!

[Tipsy Pig Saturday outing with friends]

These last few months have been a world wind of excitement and adventures. I've been trying to focus solely on what makes me happy and have been trying to be a little more spontaneous or 'spur of the moment'--if you will. Not  only have some of the decisions I've made in the past few months been some of the best of my life, but they've created such amazing stories I can carry forever.  I truly do feel like I live in one of the best cities in the world and feel like it is THE best place for me to be right now in life.

It's about to be my 1 year anniversary of OFFICIALLY living in the city and I seriously can't believe how much I've grown as a person in 1 year. Moving here and not knowing a single person has pushed me to my limits, made me take chances, break out of my shell and truly find out who I am as a person-- confident, independent and passionate about life. I love this place, I love where I'm at in life and love all of the people along for the ride with me. Thank you to to a wonderful year post-grad! I couldn't have asked for a better one.

HAPPY San-Franiversary to me :)


  1. Omigosh happy anniversary love!! Let's go celebrate it soon ;) And with any luck I'll be having my own moving into the city party before too long! xoxo

  2. Nice, Kate - Congrats. So proud of you! Auntie Jen

  3. I miss katie daily! Will she ever post again?!?!


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